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Highlighting your best features is key to finding your perfect style

Highlighting your best features is the key to finding your perfect style.

These are the 6 main face shapes.

Oval, Long, Square, Round, Diamond and Heart.

Oval face shapes, they suit almost any hair style so are very easy to find a style for this face shape.

Long face shapes tend to suit side partings best. Creating softness around the face will help to add width to balance out. Avoid adding to much height as this will only excentuate the length further.

Spuare face shapes need to be softened and this can be achieved by adding soft waves and layers around the jawline.

Round faces will be complimented by adding volume at the top to help balance the face shape. But adding width should be avoided at the sides as this is more flattering.

Diomand face shapes work well with deep side partings and side swept fringes. Hairstyles avoiding lots of hair touching the face work well.

Heart shaped faces are complimented by adding width to the back of an upstyle to help balance out a narrow chin. The addition of a fringe will help draw attention to the eyes.

Below the beautiful bride Katie who married at the old hall Ely chose a hair clip that worked perfectly with her polished textured bridal bun matching in the details of her lace dress.

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