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Wedding Industry Professionals Advise 

To ensure your wedding planning experience is as seamless as possible, I’ve enlisted the expertise of industry professionals to provide you with some invaluable advice. This month, I am delighted to introduce Liz Greenhalgh  Photography, who will be sharing some words of wisdom to guide you through the process. Take a moment to absorb her insights and let them inspire you as you plan your dream wedding.

Without further ado, here’s Liz Greenhalgh Photography:

“The best advice I can give when you're planning a wedding is to list down all the suppliers you think you're going to need.

That will include the venue, photographer, videographer, hair, makeup, florist, dress shoes, stationery, catering, venue, styling, musicians, band, DJs. All the suppliers that you will need for a wedding."

"It's important that you book certain suppliers early on in your process. Obviously the venue comes first. Without a date and the venue, you don't have a wedding."

"Then book other suppliers in priority, photographers & Videographers always get booked up quite early on. It's been known to get booked two, maybe three years in advance for photography.

So if you've got your eye on someone in particular, then contact them and get a meeting in place.

Then start looking at all your other suppliers, your hair and makeup. They only do one wedding a day, like us photographers, and make sure you can get in touch with those early on to get the ones that you really, really want to get hold of."

"My biggest, biggest words of advice when booking any suppliers that you're going to be spending a lot of time with is really, really click with them. Really make sure that you are comfortable with them because they are with you for many hours on the day, so photographers are there for literally most of the day. Hair and makeup. You guys start early and you need to be comfortable with them.”

Working alongside Liz for my own wedding and then working with my brides-to-be on theirs, Liz’s friendly and supportive personality shines through.

Always a smile and reassuring glance when you need it from Liz. Always so happy to see her name on a booking together. Moments captured beautifully, memories treasured for a lifetime.

As you enjoy planning your big day, remember that each moment brings you closer to making unforgettable memories. Embrace the journey, treasure the moments.

If you seek a bridal hair stylist devoted to crafting classic, elegant and timeless hairstyles infused with a touch of glamour, I extend a warm invitation to connect and explore my availability.

Love Katrina x

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