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Hannah's Bridal Hair Journey: From Doubt to Hollywood Glamour at Oxnead Hall

Updated: Apr 15

Meet Hannah, a bride-to-be who came to me with uncertainty swirling around her dream bridal hairstyle. Like many brides, she longed for that iconic Hollywood glamour, but she wasn’t sure if her hair would cooperate. She had a vision in mind—personalising her look with a front fringe delicately falling onto her face, rather than the typical height or quiff style.

Hannah’s struggles were real. Hannah’s hair wasn’t particularly very thick and the length was just past the shoulders. She wondered if her hair type would suit the elegant waves she desired. That’s where my expertise as a Hollywood waves specialist came into play. Drawing from years of experience working with various hair types, I reassured Hannah that we could tailor the waves to suit her individual needs.

One of the keys to achieving Hannah’s dream look was incorporating clip-in hair extensions. With my knowledge and expertise, I guided her through the process, offering a colour-matching service to ensure seamless blending and natural-looking volume. Together, we worked to create waves that not only suited her hair type but also accentuated her natural bridal beauty.

But my personalised service didn’t stop there. At my bridal studio, Hannah had the opportunity to experiment with different hair accessories, envisioning how each would complement her hairstyle and dress. It was during this process that she found the perfect accessory, adding a touch of elegance to her look.

Finding a beautiful and delicately crafted hair accessory from Sarah Voung collection to match in with and compliment her details perfectly.

As Hannah walked down the aisle at the beautiful Oxnead Hall in Norfolk she radiated confidence and glamour, her Hollywood waves framing her face with timeless elegance. With Jaimie Attfield’s makeup artistry, Cara’s photography, and Mike Savoy’s videography, her bridal beauty was immortalised in every frame.

And the magic didn’t end there. Hannah’s heartfelt message after the wedding truly touched my heart:

“Hi Katrina,

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all you did for the wedding last Friday. You were amazing to be be around and I felt so relaxed/ excited despite not having any sleep. My hair was incredible and I felt amazing!!!

I had so many lovely comments and a lot of people were telling me that when I walked in so many people were gasping , which considering I had no sleep is really something, the hair definitely completed the look!

Thank you for all the little extras and helping with the flowers in the morning. I couldn’t have wished for better hair or better suppliers to be around in the morning ☺️xx”

Hannah’s words are a testament to the joy and confidence that comes from finding the perfect bridal hairstyle. It’s moments like these that remind me why I love what I do—bringing joy and confidence to brides on one of the most memorable days of their lives.

Are you excited to begin your bridal hair journey?

Get ready to take everyone's breath away as you walk down the aisle!

Whether you dream of Hollywood waves or seek a personalised service, I’m here to help.

Book your discovery call today and let’s create the perfect bridal hairstyle for your special day.


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