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How to prepare for your Hair Trial

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

This is the exciting part where you will get to talk about all things bridal hair.

Here's a few tips to help you prepare

Start to collect images of the styles you like, screenshots or pinning on Pinterest. This will be a massive help to your stylist to give an idea of the look you are wanting to achieve.

Arrive at your hair trial with clean dry hair free of any products as this will give your stylist an idea of what your hair is like naturally.

I like to have a clean canvas to work with and then after chatting through ideas together we can work out what products and styling techniques are needed to create your perfect bridal look.

If you are planning to wear any accessories in your hair a veil or any earrings bring them along with you to your trial so your stylist can incorporate them into your styling.

At my home studio I have a selection of bridal hair accessories that you can try out if you have yet to choose those details and I even have a few veils too.

If it's possible you could try to arrange your hair and makeup trial to be done on the same day so that you can get a feel for the completed look. Even better still book your dress fitting in for the same day following your hair trial so you can see how it works with the dress.

Try to wear a white style top that has a similar neck line to your wedding dress as this will help you to visualise your bridal look. Wearing dark, patterned or coloured tops with the wrong neck line can make the style look completely different you'd be surprised at how much this makes a difference.

There is no set time frame for when your trial should take place but I would suggest around 3-6 months prior to the wedding date. At this stage you will have most of the finer details set in place. You will have chosen your dress and have a theme and colour scheme in mind.

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