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FAQ’s How do I keep my hair feeling it’s best and how do I prep my hair for my wedding day.

Updated: Apr 13, 2020


One question almost every bride asks me is “how do I keep my hair looking and feeling it’s best for my wedding day”

A few different factors come in to play here, all depending on what type of hair you have depends on what I would recommend for you.

Coloured hair

I would recommend a colour care shampoo and conditioner and to use a conditioning mask at least once a week on the lead up to the wedding.

I would recommend L’Oréal seriee expert Vitimino colour shampoo and conditioner they help to keep your colour from fading for up to 8 weeks and leave your hair feeling soft,shiny and oh it smells beautiful too.

Use a hair mask once a week too, I like to use series expert absolute repair hair mask as it leaves your hair feeling instantly restored and smoother and shiner. I have so much positive feed back from this product from my brides to be with damaged hair types they absolutely love it and so do I.


For blondes I would recommend using the seriee expert blondifier shampoo and conditioner. These are designed especiallay for blonde hair to keep it nourished, soft and repaired whilst cleansing any impurities.

Bond strengthening treatments

Also another product to try is a bond strengthening treatment you can have done at your hair salon, I love L’Oréal’s smartbond system. It’s a 3 step process 1st step is used in your hair colour 2nd step at the basin and then they have an at home step 3 to help keep your hair feeling just as it did when you left the salon until you return for your next appointment. This leaves your hair feeling smooth and strengthened even after bleaching. I was amazed the first time I used this product in salon and I now recommend it to every colour client.

Dry or damaged hair

If you have dry or damaged hair I would use the whole seriee expert absolute repair system from shampoo, conditioner and the hair mask. Again this is something I’ve had very positive feedback from past brides using it on the lead up to their wedding.

Fine hair

Seriee expert volumetry shampoo and conditioner are designed to cleanse and nourish your whilst whilst leaving it weightless so creating the illusion of fuller hair with an extra ingredient of intra-cylane to support the hair fibre and leaving it volumised at the root.

Hair masks

I’d definitely recommend using a deep conditioning hair mask at least once a week for the last few months on the lead up to the wedding to help give that extra shine and smoothness to the hair making it feel it’s absolute best. These are best left on usually for around 10 mins.

Each of the shampoo and conditioners I have already mentioned have hair masks in their sets so you can use these or another one I like to use is Seriee expert nutrifier masque which is infused with coconut oil which helps to replenish moisture in the hair smooths the cuticle and strengthens the elasticity of the hair leaving your hair feeling healthy and shiny.

Having regular haircuts

Getting your hair regularly trimmed is also something I would strongly recommend around every 6-8 weeks. Even when growing your hair this is so important. Getting rid of any dry or split ends helps it to grow out stronger and longer.


Another question I get asked a lot is “how do I get my hair ready for my wedding morning and when’s best to wash it”this leads to your trial.


These are all the things that we go over on your trial. Once we have discussed and gone over style ideas and knowing what your hair type is I can give you a really good idea of what products we can use to help your hair to be its best for your wedding day.

Washing your hair the day before the trial is the ideal as working with clean hair is great and I have so many products to apply to get your hair to move the way we want it to and to work it’s best for your desired style.

Sometimes I advise products to be applied after you wash and dry your hair for the wedding g day to help with your chosen style if necessary and I will talk you through what I would recommend on our meeting at the trial.

I’ve predominantly worked with L’Oréal professional products for most of my career but also have a few different brands that I also like to work too.


Not all of the brands I work with are just professional products some I like to work with are from boots and Superdrug and some you can even pick up at your local supermarket too. Having the knowledge and experience to know how to work with all these products really helps me to create the best look for your most important big day.

All products mentioned can be found at any L’Oréal professional salon or online

If you haven’t yet booked your wedding hair stylist then please do get in contact today to find out my availability. Get in touch through my contact page and request your free no obligation bridal hair quotation.

I can’t wait to hear from you

Katrina x

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