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Mother and daughter soft luxury waves

The inspiration

Setting the vision and creating the perfect hairstyle begins with inspiration. During your bridal hair preview, I take time to understand your vision,

capturing your desired look. Taking time to look through images of hair inspiration, dress style and the overall theme of your wedding. Maggie's vision was for soft touchable waves. Something not too structured and one that had plenty of movement but still something that would last from day to night. 

The consultation

Discussing the finer details.

Next in the bridal journey comes your in depth consultation, where we will delve into the finer details. I will consider your hair type and texture, length and thickness as well as any hair accessories or veils you'll be incorporating into your look.

Providing professional guidance, suggesting the ideal techniques to achieve the desired soft touchable waves that suited Maggie the best. 

Hair preview

Bringing Dreams To Life

Once the consultation is complete we then move onto styling the hair. After having worked out Maggies hair type and texture I work meticulously using my techniques and skills to create the perfect waves, ensuring they're both stunning and long lasting.

Taking notes along the way and after your feedback making any adjustments needed to achieve the style that truly embodies your bridal vision.  

The technique

Mastering the Artistry of bridal hair styling I use a combination of techniques to create those flawless waves. From using the correct size of curling tool to knowing which products to use I skill fully craft waves that are soft to the touch, effortlessly flowing and beautifully natural.  

The products 

Ensuring Longevity

To ensure your waves withstand the demands of your wedding day, I utilise high quaility products designed to provide exceptional hold without sacrificing touchability. Cafe fully selected styling products and finishing sprays enhance the longevity of your waves, allowing them to maintain their perfect form from morning preparations to the joys  of the nighttime celebrations. 

The result

Waves that Last 

The moment arrives when you step into the spotlight and your soft, touchable waves cascade elegantly around you.  With confidence and grace you dance the night away secure in knowledge that your hair remains flawlessly styled. 

My commitment to excellence ensures that your waves remain picture perfect capturing the magic of your special day for years to come. 

The wedding that made a photographers dream and an editorial-style celebration. The bride's transformation from a classic bridal look to an evening outfit that exudes American sparkle. 

Including statement floral installations captivating tablescapes and ambient lighting that created a magical atmosphere.

The bride's stunning Suzanne Neville dress, emphasising it's timeless elegance  and intricate details, And lets not forget the change to an evening outfit that adds a touch of Americana, featuring cowboy boots and a stylish leather jacket. 

Capturing candid moments, intricate details and the bride's natural beauty. Creating and instagrammable wedding that will be the envy of all and one that I just can't get enough of!

Sunday was so incredibly special and the most magical day. I don't know how Adam and  I lucked out with so many spectacular suppliers.
Everyone made the day so stress free and enjoyable. We truly felt like we got to just "show up" and take in the whole day . 

Maggie Kelley 

Holmewood Hall 

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