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pure luxury bridal hair styling

Editorial and Fashion 

Bridal Gown Campaigns 

Every bridal gown is a masterpiece of its own and I am here to enhance its beauty. With hairstyles that complement and amplify the elegance of your gowns, I create a visual symphony that resonates with brides-to-be.  I have had the pleasure of collaborating with renowned bridal gown designers Milla Nova and House of Savin in recent styled shoots. These collaborations have allowed us to merge our creative energies, resulting in truly captivating bridal campaigns. With these experiences and more, I have had the privilege of contributing to the world of bridal campaigns and styling, bringing to life the magic of bridal gowns through the artistry of hair styling. 

Session styling 

When it comes to session styling, from catwalk to high end profile celebrity photo shoots , I am here to ensure that the spotlight is firmly on your work. I can bring that special touch to your creations. My skills are designed to enhance your looks, making them stand out and ensuring that your vision is fully realised. Whether it's crafting runway-ready hairstyles or creating striking looks for celebrities, I'm dedicated to helping you achieve success in your projects. 

Branding shoots 

When it comes to branding shoots, I understand the importance of ensuring that your brand's identity is seamlessly translated into your visuals. Be it clothing, hair accessories or any other fashion-related branding projects, I believe that my hair styling expertise  can play a crucial role in bringing your vision to life. Your brand has a unique story  and I am here to work in harmony with your team to encapsulate the narrative in every detail of your shoot. 

Why Choose Me 

When you choose me, you are selecting an artist who doesn't just style hair; I sculpt it into an embodiment of opulent vision. My commitment to the craft, paired with a meticulous eye for detail, ensures that every hairstyle enhances your luxury objectives. 

Whether you are in fashion, bridal, beauty or beyond, I am here to turn your creative vision into a world of refined elegance. 

For those interested in my editorial and fashion hair styling services, I offer both full-day and half-day bookings. To explore the possibilities and discuss how we can collaborate to bring your vision to life, please fill out the contact form below. Let's make your editorial and fashion projects unforgettable. 


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