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Bridal hair trials

This is the exciting part where we get to meet and talk all things bridal. Trials are recommended to take place around 3 months prior to the wedding date. Trials currently take place at the salon in Ely on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Trials may be available to take place at your home depending on your location and may be subject to return travel charges. Please email to discuss this option.

For trials I usually allow around 2 hours to go over a few different styles to work out what suits you best. Try to pick just 2 or maybe 3 styles that you'd like to try. If we try many more than this your hair will have had enough and you may end up feeling a little confused.

I do love to see your inspiration so please bring any photos, Pinterest or Instagram images along with you so we can work together and achieve the best possibly look for your big day. 

I do have a small selection of hair accessories for you to try during the trial if you haven't yet decided on the finer details. Please if you are having a veil bring this along with you so we can incorporate it into your style ideas.

Working with clean hair or hair that has been washed the day before is the ideal. I have a number of products to use to make your hair work it's best for each style. Try to wear a white top or something similar in colour to your wedding dress. This will help you to visualize the complete look. If you are thinking of having a makeup artist on the day,try to arrange for the trial to be done on the same day if possible or wear a little more makeup than you normally would to help with the final look. 

I can't wait to meet you

Katrina x