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Wedding day tips

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

These tips may seem simple and very straight forward but when you have so many things to plan and think about for a wedding you may forget one or two of them so I've popped a list below of the things that I as a hairstylist think you may find helpful to keep a calm and relaxed wedding morning.

If any dresses weather it be bridesmaids dresses, your wedding dress or bridal party dressing gowns that need to be steamed then do this as early as you can on the wedding morning or if staying the night before do it then. This will help to avoid hair from going frizzy or curls dropping from the steam.

Try cutting out the labels and tags from dresses before the wedding morning and peeling off any stickers on shoes the night before. Don't worry if you forget I always have a pair of scissors to hand.

Your hair and makeup team will have probably worked at your beautiful venue before so always ask them where is best for them to set up so that you can keep this area free from bags and boxes aiding them in setting up quickly. Makeup artists usually like to work near a window with natural daylight and some space to lay out their kit. Hairstylists will need a chair preferably with not too high a back for easy styling, access to a plug and if possible a table for setting up their kit and even better still a mirror.

Keep all your wedding items together in one place and let one of your bridesmaids or bridal party members know where this is so they can pass to your photographer when they arrive.

Wedding perfume, Jewellery, underwear and shoes. This helps massively on the morning so that there's no searching through boxes asking where things are and means you can carry on with hair and makeup without disruption.


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