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Hairdryer vs Air drying

Tips on how to keep your hair healthy on the lead up to your wedding day.

ghd blowdry masterclass

Recently I took part in a ghd blow dry master class and picked up some great tips and tricks. I learnt a lot from this class and can now pass this information on to you too. In an industry that's always progressing with new technology and techniques I will forever be learning new ways to work with hair and I will always invest in classes and courses to enable me to provide the best possible care and advise for my future brides. I have worked with ghd as a brand since they started and have watched their stylers and products evolve throughout this time and have never been disappointed with them.  So where this information comes in handy, is for my up coming brides who ask how to grow their hair and keep it in the best possible condition for their all important big day. 

Hairdryer vs air drying  Most people would think that letting your hair air dry is better than using a hairdryer this is your first mistake.  So here’s the science part , when your hair is wet it can absorb up to 30 % of its weight in water. This causes it to swell and this swelling and slow drying it what causes the damage to your hair. It’s called cell membrane complex so it’s like the glue that holds the hair together is left damaged.  So basically your doing less damage by drying your hair with a hair dryer then letting it dry Au natural.  My advise to you is to always dry your hair with a hairdryer before going to bed or leaving the house using a medium heat and drying until at least 90% dry really won’t damage it like you think.  Hair dryers reach around 70 degrees on average on a medium heat but your hair will only reach around 30 degrees so drying and smoothing with a dryer will damage less than air drying. If you air dry your hair then use your ghd styler with a temperature of 185 degrees and you’ll probably be causing more damage than you think.  So if you smoothly blow dry your hair first and use a heat defence spray you wont then have to go over your hair as much with your ghd styler causing less damage.

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