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Most common bridal questions answered

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

•Which goes first hair or makeup?

It doesn't matter too much which way round you do this but if having a lot of hair styled around the face then it makes sense to have your makeup applied first so that the artist doesn't then have to pin hair out of the way that has already been set in place.

Most of the time hair and makeup artists work with one another on a regular basis so we can work out a plan to suit you and your style once your trial has taken place.

Sometimes we prep your hair first you then go into the makeup chair then come back to hair for finishing touches.

•How long does bridal hair take to style?

I always allow around 1-1.5 hours for bridal hair styling but with the Hollywood waves extra time will be needed, around 2 hours is allocated for this but will be discussed once your trial has taken place.


•When should I wash my hair before the trial/wedding day?

Working with clean dry hair is the ideal. Freshly washed the evening before or morning of works well and free if any styling products.

Again at the trial we can discuss in further if any changes need to be made or additional steps to get the best possible results.


•What order should we have our hair styled, who goes first?

Ideally I like to style the bride somewhere in the middle or second from last. Bridesmaids who have long heavy hair that doesn't hold a curl are best to go towards the end and anyone in the bridal party who are helping with any arrangements would be best to go first. After your trial run I will put together a schedule to help work out who will go where along with your makeup artist so we don't have any clashing.


•When should I book my hair and makeup team?

As soon as you have a date set I would suggest that you start making enquiries with the artists that you love. Typically my diary books out at least 18months - 2 years in advance.


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