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Hair Care

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Using my knowledge of working within the hairdressing industry for many years I am sharing with you some of my favourite hair care products.

Now if it isn't broke don't fix it comes to mind here so if you have a hair care routine already in place and you have no hair concerns then carry on with your routine.

I have put together a list of products to cover all areas of hair care advise.

Olaplex, the whole range is fab!

I’m a massive fan of Olaplex at the moment and can’t recommend it enough. I use the shampoo and conditioner at home once a week (no.4 + no.5) and No.3 once a week too, my hair is so shiny and healthy for it. It’s definitely the number one at home salon treatment you can buy in my opinion.

At home you can use no3,no4,no5,no6 and no7.

No. 3 strengthens and repairs rebuilding bonds. Suitable for all hair types. Ideally used once a week between salon services.

No.4 + No.5 Shampoo and conditioner, perfect for those who frequently colour, bleach and use chemical treatments and use heat on their hair.

My only advice when using these products is to give your hair a lot of rinsing as they can feel a little heavy if not rinsed thoroughly enough. Top tip before your wedding hair trial and the big day itself is to not over load your hair with too much conditioning products. I'd use these around 2 weeks before the day and use a surface conditioner on the lead up. Having too much moisture in the hair can actually weigh your hair down make it too lank and a bit harder to hold a curl.

No.6 Bond smoother is a styling treatment to help smooth and protect your hair from any further damage. Eliminating frizz and providing intensive hydration.

No.7 Bonding oil, Nourishing oil to help tame frizz with heat protection up to 232’c

Conditioning treatments

If your hair is feeling severely damaged by chemicals and heat #selfcaresundays is what you need. Use a treatment on your hair once a week, run a bath, light some candles and get a good book and let the treatments soak in.

*Moroccanoil restorative hair mask once a week. This product infuses protein back into damaged hair. Use once a week, condition after and use less often as hair health improves.

*Kerastase nutritive masquintense cheveux epais, intense nourishing masque for thick hair leaving your hair silky and supple. Great for really thick long dry hair.

*no.3 olaplex hair perfector treatment, apply to damp towel dried hair and leave on for minimum of 10 mins, can be left longer, rinse then shampoo and condition.

*Redken all soft heavy cream, intense conditioning treatment for dry brittle hair. Leave on for 5-15 mins after shampooing rinse thoroughly then condition after. This really does leave your hair feeling silky soft and smells lovely too.

Shampoos and conditioners to add moisture back into dry hair.

*No.4 + No.5 Olaplex Shampoo and conditioner, perfect for those who frequently colour, bleach and use chemical treatments and use heat on their hair.

My only advice when using these products is to give your hair a lot of rinsing as they can feel a little heavy if not rinsed thoroughly enough.

*For dry and damaged hair in need of some moisture the moisture repair trio is brilliant.

The products key ingredients are Argan oil Kerstin and fatty acids, these are all important when you are looking to restore, rejuvenate your hair with the added bonus of having a uv filter added too. Most people don’t realise the impact uv rays have on your hair as well as your skin. It's always good to see if your hair care products have uv protection as this will definitely help with keeping your hair looking its best as uv rays can dull your hair and even damage it too.

*Kerestase Nutritive bain satin 2, I love these products, I worked with this range for many years within the salon and I never came across one I didn't like. Perfect for very dry and sensitised hair that needs cleansing and replenishing.

Use with kerastase Nutritive lait vital conditioner, replenishes hair fibre root to tip and detangles and softens with enhanced shine.

*Stressed and sensitive hair types, Kerastase specifique dermo calm, this is perfect if you have a sensitive scalp and dry hair, hypoallergenic and free from silicon. This will repair the hair from within and form a protective barrier. With a menthol fresh sent. A good way of adding moisture to your hair even if you have a sensitive scalp.

Volume boosting shampoos and conditioners

*Moroccanoil extra volume shampoo and conditioner, helps plump up your locks as well as give you a healthy shine leaving it smoother and more manageable. This is a nice light shampoo and conditioner that doesn't weigh your hair down.

*Serie expert l'oreal volumetry shampoo and conditioner, again this brand is well loved by me as I have worked with these products for many years within the salon, perfect for flat, fine hair wanting to give a boost of volume but without weighing it down too much. Great for finer hair types.

Oily hair types

*Serie expert l’oreal pure resource shampoo Is a purifying shampoo that's great for cleansing oily and product built-up hair. Definitely leaves your hair feeling squeaky clean.

*OGX refreshing scalp +tea tree mint extra strength conditioner, leaves hair feeling refreshed and glossy yet not heavy and weighed down.

*Biolarge scalpsync cooling mint shampoo, this is brilliant at cleansing oily hair with a fresh mint scent, only trouble I find with this product is it can be a little drying on the ends, if you have really dry hair you’d need to make sure you always use a conditioner on the ends.

Colour treated hair

Never use head and shoulders ever! it will fade your colour fast and leave blonde hair feeling brittle. #sorrynotsorry


*Olaplex system is a must if your hair is bleached or coloured you can use it alongside other products too,

*Morracconoil blonde perfecting purple shampoo. This is a great way of ridding your hair of any brassy tones and unlike other purple shampoos it doesn't leave your hair feeling dry.

*L'oreal seriee expert blondifier shampoo and conditioner, designed to cleanse nourish and repair blonde hair. It’s a nice lightweight shampoo and conditioner so works well with finer hair.

Brunettes/deeper colours

*Matrix keep me vivid shampoo and conditioner, fab for bright colours its sulfate free formula gently cleanses hair without stripping the colour out. Helps to fight fade and maintains the vibrancy. Very lovely sweet smell to it, a bit like cotton candy.

*L'oreal Seriee expert vitimino colour shampoo and conditioner designed to gently cleanse the hair of oils and dirt whilst adding luminous shine. Technology enriched with A-OX and boosted with anto-oxidants to protect the hair fibre keeping it looking healthier. Smells so good too. I love this one, its a personal favorite of mine.

Shampoo and conditioning to keep hair long and full

L'oreal Serie Expert pro longer range is great for those who already have long hair but the ends are feeling a little fine and thin. This helps thicken and volumise your strands using amino acids to strengthen each hair fibre. Working to reduce breakage and split ends and restore shine and volume.

All products listed can be found either at your nearest salon stockist, online from lookfantastic or feel-unique.

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