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Hollywood Waves 

Hollywood glam waves

Hollywood Waves Masterclass


In this immersive in-person training course, l will reveal the step-by-step process to creating glamorous, Hollywood Waves so irresistible, that potential clients will automatically want to choose you over your competitors.  


Prepare to leave behind any frustrations you may have with creating this 'highly requested' style.  


Throughout this masterclass,  l'Il share my wealth of experience, ensuring that you not only understand the techniques but also gain hands-on practice in perfecting those luscious Hollywood Waves.

From understanding the foundational principles to mastering intricate details, I'll also provide you with a list of 'must have' tools required to elevate your hairstyling abilities with your newfound skills and empower yourself with the knowledge and skills to confidently craft captivating waves that every bride-to-be dreams of.


With these insider secrets, you will unlock the tried and tested methods that have been instrumental to my career where you can start to attract higher calibre clientele, willing to pay me twice as much for my services.


Regrettably this course is not for you if you are a complete beginner to bridal hairstyling.


By the end of this course, you’ll go from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated to feel confidence and to deliver mesmerising Hollywood waves that leave your brides-to-be feeling like high society on their wedding day.  


Want to take your bridal hairstyling to the next level? Get ready to unleash your creative potential and embark on a journey that will elevate your hairstyling journey career to new heights.  

In person group training    

Upcoming Dates: February 5th 2024   

Time: 10-4 pm

Price: £250 p/p  

Location: Poets House Ely  

only 3 spots left  



Exclusive 1:1 in person training  

Upcoming Dates:  

Jan/Feb/March/ 2024

Time: 10-4 pm

Price: £550

Location: My Bridal Studio Little Downham

only 3 spots available for 2023  


Signature 1:1 in person training (VIP)  

  • Includes 1:1 hair training 10-4 pm  

  • Professional photographer & styling session

  • Follow up session 4 weeks later 10-2pm  

  • 1 hour business advice and mentoring over zoom  



    Price: £1100

Student Feedback

 "The techniques you taught were so helpful"

"Learning about different hair types and the use of extensions"

"Sectioning and positioning guidance stays with me now"

" I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to start practising now"

"Thanks so much for today! Really good to get all the hints and tips but also meet other bridal hair stylists"


Do you feel you achieved what you set out to do?

"100% and more! Feel very confident about creating the look it's now just practising to perfect it!

Would you recommend this course to a friend?

"Totally yes and I will be 100%

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