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In salon education groups and 1-1s

At Katrina Kelly Wedding Hair, We stand for excellence in bridal hair styling.

Our commitment to luxury, elegance and timeless sophistication resonates throughout our brand. 

With a dedication to education and expertise, we believe in continuous learning and growth, ensuring that our team members stay at the forefront of the wedding industry. 

We recognise that each team member brings a unique set of talents and aspirations. Our commitment to growth extends beyond traditional training, offering personalised development plans that align with individual career goals.

Specialising in Hollywood waves and classic, elegant styles that stand the test of time. Our team is passionate about creating unforgettable looks for brides and their bridal parties. 

At Katrina Kelly Wedding Hair we value team members who are self motivated ,loyal and reliable. Our stylists are passionate about their craft, creative in their approach and always striving for excellence. 

We nurture a positive and relaxed work environment where creativity thrives. Our team members have a willingness to learn and embrace every opportunity with enthusiasm. 

Could Joining A Bridal Team be Good For You? Click the link to read my story here

If your're  reading this because you are seeking a team to support your growth and help you find your footing in the bridal industry , or simply to boost your confidence and skills, it's crucial to find the right fit. By reading my story you'll see I was fortunate to find a team that believed in me as much as I did in them.

Now I am looking to extend the same opportunities and support to others who are passionate and driven , to help them thrive in the bridal industry. 

If this sounds like you, and you would like to learn more about becoming part of my team I invite you to download my free success guide here 

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